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Ionic Silver Complex Technology Achieving Multi-Country Patents

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11a medicalIn the last century, we’ve witnessed colloidal silver and silver nitrate being used extensively in the medical field. Invision International plans to capitalize on this and has obtained a U.S. Patent for their "Ionic Silver Complex" technology according to an article at send2press.com. Invision International is a pioneer in the field of ionic silver use in humans and has patented the technology in New Zealand and Australia. Additionally, patents are pending in Japan and Europe.


Jay Newman, President of Invision International says that the patented technology symbolizes a giant leap in the internal delivery of silver ions within the human body.  He further adds that citrate is the perfect carrier for the effective delivery of silver ions for human use, and that is why it has been chosen as an integral component within the patented technology. The claims of Invision’s patent are broad in scope, so they will be able to leverage their technology against a wide range of counter-ions and complexing agents. When selecting a registered U.S. Patent Attorney their ability to deliver the broadest claims possible is an important consideration, as the more broad the claims, the more broad the marketplace opportunities will extend.

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