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Medical Equipment Patenting By LCD In Hospital Patient Rooms

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11e paradigmMedical equipment patenting by LCD technology is moving into hospital patient rooms. According to an article in www.send2press.com, Paradigm Multimedia is now providing various screen size options to beat out competitive models that have inherent limitations.

Before the offering of the new product from Paradigm, which is a patented tuner interface box (HT22E), the hospitals were mainly limited to a 20-inch LCD TV. With the invention of the new product, hospitals are now able to select an LCD monitor of any size for controlling the television functions, making use of a standard hospital pillow speaker.

With the HT22E, Paradigm is now offering a low price and superior quality consumer LCD that provides entertainment satisfaction and also meets the health care LCD TV standards. The technology works by a signal from a satellite or cable system, which is received by the HT22E tuner and then sent to the LCD via composite video.

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