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Medical Product Patent From Veridien Presents Its Viraguard Series Of Ready-To-Use Antimicrobials And Disinfectants

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11b viraguard chainA medical patent by Veridien Corporation has brought forth the next generation of its patented Viraguard chain of ready-to-use disinfectants and antimicrobials for dental, medical and institutional markets.

According to an article in send2press.com, Viraguard that has been introduced about a decade ago is known to offer a highly effective and environmentally compatible solution for disinfecting hard nonliving surfaces. This is done under Viraguard’s EPA disinfectant registration. It is also famous as a safe and effective hand sanitizer and as an OTC antimicrobial product under its FDA drug listing.

The formulation of the patented Viraguard makes use of Isopropanol (Isopropyl Alcohol) in its best concentration, which is combined with other ingredients. This abides by both the FDA and EPA requirements, as it does not need residue producing or harmful chemicals, like Phenol, Quaternary Ammonium, Chlorine, or Glutaraldehyde.

Viraguard is suitable for use in hospitals, ambulances, private practice offices, nursing homes, police, fire and paramedic vehicles. It is appropriate for using it wherever antisepsis and disinfections are critical.

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