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Automotive Patent from Honda Targets Eliminating Harmful Diesel Emissions

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honda logoThink automotive and automobile patents and Honda Motor is sure to come to mind. Herald Tribune reported that the world’s largest automobile engine maker, Honda is poised to come up with the first diesel car for complying with environmental pollution standards worldwide.  Adding to its list of patented automotive technology, the company is credited for inventing a way to curtail the smog-forming gases. This technology claims to bring about faster acceleration of diesel cars and greater fuel economy. Honda is confident that this all new technology will gain a lot of customers.

According to a U.S. patent derived from Bloomberg News, the automaker boasts of a treatment system, which makes the exhaust flow via a plasma reactor or a layer of gas containing electrically charged atoms. Through this system, hazardous Nitrogen Oxides are separated to form Nitrogen Dioxide, which is finally decreased or absorbed by silver and alkali metals. Nitrogen Oxides are responsible for causing asthma, cancer, heart and lung diseases.

Honda has plans to sell its U.S. diesel model by 2009. However, the automaker has not revealed the models that will be available with its brand new engine.

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