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Software Patents Granted to HNTB for TrueViz(R) Technology

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hntb logoSoftware patents have been granted to HNTB by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for parts of its TrueViz(R) Transport software system, adding to the list of software patents. According to www.prnewswire.com HNTB has received exclusive rights to technology for the first time and this has been developed for facilitating its engineering and architecture clients’ projects.

TrueViz(R) Transport is an interconnected system of procedures and software which increases the interactive visualization for public involvement and design analysis. The code of the software is credited to transform linear point-based data in design output to a chain of mathematically defined surfaces and curves. This simplifies the conversion of design files to 3-D and also brings in more accuracy and needs less time.

Consequently, HNTB can now bring before its clients as well as their stakeholders more realistic imagery of design alternatives. HNTB Companies, an employee-owned organization of infrastructure firms are famous for their functioning in bridges, architecture, transportation, aviation, urban design and planning.

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