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Automobile Patent Granted To Camcon For IVA

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1e camcon logo1The automobile patent for an Intelligent Valve Actuation or IVA technology  granted to Camcon Technology was reported in engineeringtalk.com. According to the article in engineeringtalk.com, IVA is supposed to be offering a low-cost, compact, and a low power consumption mechanism, which has the ability to improve the efficiency of engine combustion. The technology will also be increasing the fuel economy and engine performance of the automobiles and will cut down the emissions from the engine.

A number of lift positions are compatible in the IVA technology and this in turn allows energy recovery for supporting low power consumption. The low seating velocities provided by the technology also makes sure that there is minimum noise and good durability. 

The technology further allows each valve of the engine to be controlled independently.

According to Ian Anderson, Chief Operating Officer, Camcon, "IVA being a riotous technology has the ability to change the car engine essentially for the first time in 90 years". The European patent has been awarded in the UK, Sweden, Portugal, France, Spain, Italy and Belgium.

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