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Environmental Product Patent Awarded To Industrial Nanotech’s Lead Abatement Coating

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Nansulate LDX Lead Abatement CoatingIndustrial Nanotech, Inc. was awarded an environmental product patent for Nansulate LDX. It is being used at a Pacific US Navy facility by military contractors for encapsulation lead-based paint. The patented invention though relatively small in order, seems to be an epochal breakthrough in Nanotech’s ongoing efforts to gain market share for Nansulate LDX throughout US Government facilities worldwide, as cited in an article in www.specialchem4coatings.com. Nansulate LDX provides an eco-friendly alternative for environmental remediation.       

This new water based environmentally safe, lead abatement coating product offers a new technology applicable to any substrate, forming an obstructive coat to seal highly toxic lead paints. Moreover, it is believed to offer additional benefits complying with the standards of Nansulate product line – protection against corrosion, thermal insulation and prevention of mold growth without the use of toxic moldicides. The reports from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates lead abatement costs for residential units nationwide are roughly $570 billion, with another $500 billion approximated for the cleanup of commercial facilities.

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