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Patenting Invention of a Computer Algorithm From Ford Can Prevent Car Slipping

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1f ford logoPatenting inventions have taken another big leap with the invention of a computer algorithm by the Ford Motor Company.  According to nytimes.com, this computer algorithm for a traction-control system is advanced and is expected to stop a car from spinning its wheels in case a driver steps too hard on the gas. The patent covers a chain of mathematical procedures or an algorithm, which enables a computer process to calculate the slope of the road as well as its friction.

Computerized anti-lock brakes are great for preventing a car from sliding into an uncontrollable skid. This patent invention is a more complex system, which is able to analyze the road conditions and can depict whether the wheels of the car will slip.

According to Roger May, a patent attorney for Ford, the company is scheduled to introduce the traction-control system on its 1998 or 1999 models. He further adds that ‘peeling rubber’ will be impossible with this system.

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