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Thomas Bales Demonstrates That Scientific Geeks Can Get Rich Too

There is a lot of debate whether it is now cool to be a geek. So-called nerds have changed society for the better with their inventions. One such creative type is Thomas O. Bales. This scientific genius used the proceeds from his patents to transform a Coral Gables, Florida, mansion into a virtual nirvana for inventive types. Anybody who enjoys whiling away a day tinkering with electronic and mechanical gadgets would have felt comfortable in this home laboratory. Now, according to sources, Bales has sold the 8-bedroom home for $12.6 million. Bales demonstrates that working at a home lab can be more profitable than Wall Street or professional sports. The creator of a battery-powered surgical instrument has for years been a top mind in the medical device community. Here are some of the amenities found in the two-story

Inventors Reap Rewards from “Cheap” Patents

Have you ever dreamed about inventing a product that raked in millions? Do you think you have to invent the next "big thing" to do so? Not necessarily so. There have been plenty of nickel-and-dime patented products that have gone on to make their owners millionaires. For example, a number of patents that have crossed my desk have helped their inventors live a life they only dreamed of. An article on Yahoo finance listed 7 products under $5 that made millions. The patents range from a failed glue that wasn’t sticky enough…a straw that helped to get kids to drink their milk…a craze sweeping the nation right now…a static "pet"…a new use for a tennis ball…and a safer baseball. Visit 7 Products Under $5 that Made Millions and see if you can’t think of the next million dollar ide