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Inventors Reap Rewards from “Cheap” Patents

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Have you ever dreamed about inventing a product that raked in millions? Do you think you have to invent the next "big thing" to do so?

Not necessarily so.

There have been plenty of nickel-and-dime patented products that have gone on to make their owners millionaires. For example, a number of patents that have crossed my desk have helped their inventors live a life they only dreamed of.patent millions

An article on Yahoo finance listed 7 products under $5 that made millions.

The patents range from a failed glue that wasn’t sticky enough…a straw that helped to get kids to drink their milk…a craze sweeping the nation right now…a static "pet"…a new use for a tennis ball…and a safer baseball.

Visit 7 Products Under $5 that Made Millions and see if you can’t think of the next million dollar idea.

One more thing – make sure no one else steals your idea and cashes in on it. Get a patent. It’s the only way to protect your idea. You can contact a patent attorney at our South Florida law firm by simply calling 1-866-Idea-Attorneys (1-866-433-2288).

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