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Florida Patent Attorney Sees Green Opportunities

As a Florida Patent Attorney concerned with keeping the innovation pipeline full and streaming, I've often pointed out patenting opportunities as they emerge with social, cultural, and other macro trends evidenced around us. I don't think it will surprise anyone that I'm today urging Florida innovators to consider the strong opportunity for fuel-less alternatives.

Florida Patent Attorney Sees More Evidence that Green is Good!

According to CNN's Technology section (Diane Hawkins-Cox, March 10, 2008), Hayden Hamilton is getting started with his GreenPrint software, which is designed to end "wasteful printing worldwide," offering consumers and businesses ways to reduce paper waste worldwide and right here in Florida. Patent attorneys, too, can trim down the volumes of patent related printed materials. Here's how it works.

Florida Inventors and Entrepreneurs Enjoying Healthy Snack Success

As a Florida Patent Attorney, I enjoy reading about fellow Floridians achieving success via the fruits of their inspiration. This morning, I read about two such innovative entrepreneurs Daniel Schapiro and Nathan Feldman (Sun-Sentinel, March 10, 2008). The two friends are avid physical fitness buffs who found the available protein bars less than palatable.

Are Phthalates on the Anti Patent List: One Florida Patent Attorney’s Opinion

I wonder if we'll start to see less of particular brands of baby products on the shelves here in Florida. Patent Attorneys, moreover, tend to be less concerned with reality and more concerned with perception. If news of the phthalates reach "critical mass" you can be sure there will be a consumer backlash.

Patent Attorneys and Others Breathe Sigh of Relief

The dialogue this week among patent attorneys and others interested in patenting centers around a recent letter from the Department of Commerce in reference to the Patent Reform Act of 2007. This act effects patenting across the U.S. and here in Florida.