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Florida Patent Attorney Sees Green Opportunities

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Florida Patent Attorney1    As a Florida Patent Attorney concerned with keeping the innovation pipeline full and flowing, I’ve often pointed out patenting opportunities when evidenced by the social, cultural, and other macro trends around us. I don’t think it will surprise anyone, then, that I’m today urging Florida innovators to consider the strong opportunity for fuel-less alternatives.


The most obvious, of course, is in the automotive industry, with fuel costs raising prices for all of us–in expected and unexpected places. (This is one Florida patent attorney who thinks twice in the aisles of the grocery store.) Among a slew of news stories centered around this topic, the 13 Central Florida news team, in their online edition, points out rising consumer interest in electric cars or, for a few, converting their current car to electric ones. Electric cars are one option–which comes with its own set of limitations and complications–among a few other alternatives. Innovators within and without the automotive industry are wracking their brains to come up with effective solutions.


However, as with so many historical inventions, the best solution may very well come from one insightful individual–maybe right here in Florida. Patent attorneys and inventors alike find this an exciting time and opportunity; the prospect of going down in  the annals of patenting history is right before us! Are you him/her?


The grandest patenting opportunity may be in transportation, but it’s certainly not the only opportunity for fuel alternatives. With rising fuel costs impacting businesses and consumers on a broad scale, how many ways may there be to develop innovations to increase production efficiency and trim costs in other areas? In my estimation, countless. Even here in my Florida patent attorney office, I can see  myriad challenges to be addressed in the name of cost and time efficiency. Look around, I think you’ll see them, too.


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