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Patent Attorneys and Others Breathe Sigh of Relief

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FloridaPatentAttorney1    The dialogue this week among patent attorneys and others interested in patenting centers around a recent letter from the Department of Commerce in reference to the Patent Reform Act of 2007. This act effects patenting across the U.S. and here in Florida. Patent Attorneys and other innovators are relieved, in particular, at the rejection of section 4. For the entire congressional letter, click here.


Section 4 of the Patent Reform Act contains language that would decrease the barriers to patent infringement. As a Florida Patent Attorney, I am in agreement with those who believe section 4 would not only reduce those barriers–it would likely encourage patent infringement.


Continual innovation is something for which I am ardently supportive, and I have been concerned about the potential detriments of section 4 throughout the Patent Reform Act’s passage. Amid the stir of response and commentary, I am delighted that others are as pleased with this outcome as I am.


As of now, we can keep the innovations flowing from my home town of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and nationwide.  Florida Patent Attorneys, patent attorneys nationwide, and the clients we serve can all rest a little easier.

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