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Look Around: The Simplest Ideas Have Made Inventors Millions…

Just because your idea seems simple does not mean it does not have the power to disrupt an entire industry. I come across inventors regularly who tell me they were too embarrassed or afraid to see a patent attorney because they felt their idea did not have the complexity or scale to match those currently on shelves or in production. When I look around, some of the simplest ideas have revolutionized industries and generated millions of dollars in revenues for the inventor. The key thing I want you to take away from this video is that to ultimately make money from your idea you have to craft a patent with teeth so rivals cannot make minor modifications to your idea and get around your rights.

Patent Success or Failure Hinges on This…

I am often asked this question:   "Should an Inventor build on his Strengths or try to overcome his Personal Weakness?"   Well, I recently had to choose between the two. Like many people with a career that involves long periods of sitting behind a desk, I struggled with my weight. I’ve never enjoyed exercise, but luckily I do not have a sweet tooth either. To tackle this problem I chose to “build on my strength.” Instead of forcing myself to workout to get back into shape, I decided to eat healthier and eat less. Since then I’ve lost over twenty pounds. All of my significant success has come from situations where I ignored my weaknesses and maximized my strengths. On the other hand, my greatest failures have come from times I had to rely on my weaknesses and my strengths did not factor into the equation. Now, what’s this got to do with patents? This concept is of the […]

Patent Question of the Month

It’s no secret lawyers aren’t cheap. But just how much is it to retain an attorney to draft your patent application? Let’s take a closer look… — Question from a Reader —- Matt asks, "I was wondering, what is it that you do to confirm that a certain idea is not already taken? Also What are some of the fee’s in hiring a Patent Attorney and how much?" Dear Matt, To answer your second question first – you’re looking at about $3,000 to $15,000 for us to draft the patent. If that seems like a lot, consider these two points. First, the average hourly rate for any lawyer is $150 an hour for a recent grad and up to $500 an hour for an experienced attorney. So imagine for a second you had an attorney defend you in a court case. He’d spend a few days preparing for the case. He’d have his time in court. And of course there would […]

Patent Wars: The Fight Over Phone Patents

Recently Newsweek created a fascinating visual detailing the ongoing patent wars between rival smart phone giants. It seems that patent infringement cases are the norm for this cutting edge technology. For example, Motorola is being sued for patent infringement seven times, by five different companies. And has patent litigation against three companies (all of which are also suing Motorola). Plus, as phone smart phone usage has skyrocketed over the past few years so has patent litigation. Up from 26 patent infringement cases in 2004 to 97 patent infringement cases in 2010…that’s a 546% increase! Click on the link for the whole Newsweek story – Patent Phone Fight. Patent litigation is painful and expensive. For details on how to get maximum protection for your idea, click here to request your free inventor patent information kit.

Which patent should you file? Patents in plain english…

Do you know why you might want to file a provisional patent instead of a non-provisional patent? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. And today you’re going to learn which one is best for your needs. First, a little history behind the creation of the two-patent system we enjoy today. Up until 1995, there was only one way to file a patent. You filled out the application in its entirety (hoping your invention was absolutely perfect) and then wait months or years to see if the patent office would accept your idea as useful, novel or non-obvious enough to be awarded a patent. That all changed on June 8, 1995. On that date the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) introduced the provisional patent, a revolutionary concept that allowed inventors to acquire patent-pending status faster…with less up-front patent attorney costs…and allowed the inventor a full year to tinker and perfect their invention before submitting it for final approval. Before [&hellip

How we went from Patent Attorney’s to The Idea Attorneys®

If you would like have a unique competitive advantage from everyone else in your industry, and enjoy “impossible to forget” status, then I’ve got a quick story to share with you. Over a decade ago, when my partner Glenn and I decided to devote our lives to patent and trademark law, I suggested to Glenn what may have seemed to many be a rather obvious idea. Why not call ourselves The Idea Attorneys®. Glenn thought it was a fantastic idea, but he had doubts. He said, “John, there are hundreds of attorney’s practicing patent and trademark law. I’m sure someone has thought about using the name idea attorneys.” At this time we were both buried with work, but I set aside a few hours each night to scour the trademark records to see if the name was taken. Amazingly, it was free. I quickly filled out the trademark paperwork and secured the mark. And that’s how The Idea Attorneys® was born. How […]

Patents Expired? You could be sued…

A quick head’s up to anyone who sells a patented product. The law allows anyone to sue a business that falsely marks a product patent pending or patented.  Any can also sue a business that keeps a patent number on a product too long.  The incentive for the person bringing the lawsuit is that get to keep up to 50% of the penalties for themselves. As a Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney, I have been approached in the past by clients whose patents are expiring and there are a number of important things to keep in mind.  If interested in learning more, here’s the full story – Expired Patent Products If you have a patented product, call or visit a patent attorney immediately to see if you are at risk. You can visit any of our Florida offices (located in Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Tampa, Orlando, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Coral Gables or Jupiter).

Has your idea already been patented? 5 Ways to Find Out

Excited by a new idea, a young kid in my neighborhood ran up to me last night. He was playing with a bouncy ball, but kept losing it in the dark. Remembering some glow-in-the-dark stickers in his room, he figured a glow-in-the-dark bouncy ball would be a great idea too. I rewarded him for his creativity…told him it was a great idea…and gently let him know someone else had already thought of it. Save Time and Money Before You Patent Before you invest tons of time or money developing your big idea (or unnecessarily paying a patent attorney), you should spend a little time finding out if the idea has already been patented. The good news is preliminary patent searches aren’t difficult. And it could even make your idea better or more profitable. Here are the 5 ways inventors can find out if there is a patent on their idea. Patent Pre-Search Idea #1: Stores If you idea for a […]

Are you Screwed If Someone Patents Your Invention Before You Do?

On a hot South Florida summer night, two years ago, two inventors worked busily in their garages refining their inventions. They were very much alike, these two inventors. Both were hard-working. Both had great ideas that could benefit mankind. And both stood to profit wildly from their inventions. Recently, these two men visited a Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney to file a patent and protect their ideas. They were still very much alike. Both had invested their life-savings in their idea. Both had perfected their designs. And both had a finished product that would sell like hotcakes on the open market. But there was a problem. For both men, patents for products just like theirs had already been applied for. While one inventor had to walk away, the other inventor took specific steps that allowed him to win the patent, even though he wasn’t the first to apply for the patent. Protecting Your Idea: What Made The Difference Did you know […]

Florida Inventors and Entrepreneurs Enjoying Healthy Snack Success

As a Florida Patent Attorney, I enjoy reading about fellow Floridians achieving success via the fruits of their inspiration. This morning, I read about two such innovative entrepreneurs Daniel Schapiro and Nathan Feldman (Sun-Sentinel, March 10, 2008). The two friends are avid physical fitness buffs who found the available protein bars less than palatable.

Patent Revocation: A Significant Risk?

It is vitally important not to publicly disclose your idea--and in fact not to disclose it except under absolute necessity--before filing for a patent. The USPTO can, and certainly will, reject a patent application for an idea already in the public eye.

Patent Attorneys and Others Breathe Sigh of Relief

The dialogue this week among patent attorneys and others interested in patenting centers around a recent letter from the Department of Commerce in reference to the Patent Reform Act of 2007. This act effects patenting across the U.S. and here in Florida.