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Trademark Battles in the News: Conglomerates, Colleges, Candy, Cycles and Underwear

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There are some interesting trademark disputes making headlines in the past couple of weeks.  Here is a quick recap of the odd, funny and (sometimes) insane world of trademarks.

Facebook Trademark against Your Face

Facebook continues its quest for world domination by trying to trademark the word "Face". However, the Patent and Trademark Office reports that the trademark will only apply to “telecommunication services, namely, providing online chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among computer users.”

trademark face
The Trademarked "Face" of Facebook?

Here’s the full New York Times Story – Facebook Trademark "Face"

Universities Enforce Trademark against High School

Alligators are everywhere here in South Florida, but only one Florida school can use them as a mascot. Earlier this year, University of Florida demanded that Glades Day School (just a few miles
west of our Coral Springs office) cease use of the Gator trademark.

A New York Times articles writes, "Universities have confronted high schools with which they have no discernible connection. Penn State, for instance, told Buna High School — 1,400 miles away in Texas — to change a Cougar logo that looked like its Nittany Lion. The University of Texas demanded that Gardner Edgerton High School in Kansas alter its Trailblazer logo, which was similar to the Longhorns’ design. Pittsburgh instructed Whitmer High in Toledo, Ohio, to stop using its Panther trademark."

Full Story Here – University Trademark Dispute

A Bitter Trademark Battle Over a Sweet Treat

If you plan on producing a peanut butter and chocolate candy, then you better not use orange, brown and tan on your packaging.

 candy trademark

Hershey’s vs. Mars

Hershey’s claims that Mars’ packaging of its Dove peanut butter chocolate Promise squares infringes on the trademarked orange, brown and tan wrapping of the Reese’s peanut butter chocolate products that Hershey has marketed for decades.


Full Story Here – Delicious Trademark Dispute

New York Company Trademarks Bike Week

In a move that is sure to rile-up a bunch of rowdy bikers, a New York company has silently trademarked the term "Daytona Beach Bike Week". Now, it’s contacted area businesses to inform them it is the sole owner of the newly trademarked term and threatened to seize any "counterfeit goods bearing the "Daytona Beach Bike Week" trademark. For this New York Company’s sake, let’s hope the Hell’s Angel’s don’t show up.

Full Story Here – Bike Week Trademark

Warner Brothers Trademarks Harry Potters Underwear

After prophylactic makers started selling boy-wizard branded condoms (Warner Brothers quickly closed down the operation with legal action) they started to trademark a litany of possible Harry Potter themed product tie-ins. One of the more interesting terms Warner Brothers trademarked? "Quiddich Lingerie". Looks like there will be no wizards flying around in racy underwear anytime soon.

Full Story Here – Harry Potter Lingerie Trademark

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