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The “Lost” Michael Jackson Patent

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"You’ve Been Hit By, You’ve Been Hit By…A Smooth Criminal"
From Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

 Did you know Michael Jackson holds a patent for a device used in the live entertainment version of Smooth Criminal?

Here’s the story…

In the 1980’s, Michael Jackson revolutionized pop-entertainment. Other than the moonwalk, one of his most memorable gambits was the "anti-gravity" lean from the Smooth Criminal video. During concerts, Michael Jackson wanted to recreate this lean in front of a live audience.

If you haven’t seen the stunt, click below on the youtube video to check it out. 

Patently Absurd

The problem is, it’s impossible to lean that far without falling over. In the Smooth Criminal video, Michael used pulleys and cables to create the illusion of defying gravity. But with multiple dancers, the cables would be sure to tangle up in live performances.

So, Michael Jackson patented a shoe that "defied gravity". The Patent States:

"This invention relates to a method and means for creating an anti-gravity illusion effects for entertainment purposes…by means of specialized footwear and accessories…which allows the entertainer to lean forward on a stage a very acute angle relative to the stage floor to achieve the illusion of defying gravity." 

patent shoe
Michael Jackson’s "Lost" Patent

The patent goes onto explain the construction of the shoes (they were more like ski boots that locked onto the ankle). How these special shoes could lock into pegs that rose up out of the floor at a specific moment. The dancers would lean. And then after disengaging, the pegs would recess back into the floor.

Who would have thought that the "King of Pop" was an inventor at heart? Whether you’re a world famous entertainer or not, if you have an idea contact our Coral Springs office in South Florida at 1-866-433-2288 to discover more about the patent process.

You can read the entire patent here – Method and Means for Creating an Anti Gravity Illusion

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