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A Famous Lesson In Filing Patents First: Alexander Graham Bell Vs. Elisha Gray

One of my favorite stories pivots around the invention of the telephone, a photo-finish between Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray to win the patent first. Most of you will probably NOT recognize Gray’s name but then history seldom remembers a runner-up! It could all have been so different if he’d followed one of my cardinal rules to protecting an idea in the United States. Watch my video to find out!

The “Lost” Michael Jackson Patent

"You’ve Been Hit By, You’ve Been Hit By…A Smooth Criminal" From Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson  Did you know Michael Jackson holds a patent for a device used in the live entertainment version of Smooth Criminal? Here’s the story… In the 1980’s, Michael Jackson revolutionized pop-entertainment. Other than the moonwalk, one of his most memorable gambits was the "anti-gravity" lean from the Smooth Criminal video. During concerts, Michael Jackson wanted to recreate this lean in front of a live audience. If you haven’t seen the stunt, click below on the youtube video to check it out.  Patently Absurd The problem is, it’s impossible to lean that far without falling over. In the Smooth Criminal video, Michael used pulleys and cables to create the illusion of defying gravity. But with multiple dancers, the cables would be sure to tangle up in live performances. So, Michael Jackson patented a shoe that "defie