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Resource for Super High Tech Patents

If you are interested in state-of-the-art patents, then there is a little known magazine that you need to check out. Each month this magazine is filled with literally hundreds of new patents. Thumbing through the last issue I came across interesting breakthroughs like: A new aluminum solar collector with impressive efficiency A new type of glass that changes volume An aircraft flap that reduces noise Magnetic sensors that work within conductive containers (which usually interfere with normal sensors) And a flexible seal that works in the high pressure, high flux environments of aerospace vehicles And tons of other new patents that only a technology geek would love! (By the way, before I was a patent attorney I was an engineer…so I love this stuff.) There is even a section in this magazine which could help you find a buyer for your in

Patent Opportunity in Food-Based Plastics?

The next time you sit down to a full plate of potatoes or a few too many cobs of corn, you may want to save your leftovers. You never know what you might be able to do with them. Make a radio, DVD player, maybe even a cell phone cover. Patent opportunity or a pot full of nonsense?