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If you are interested in state-of-the-art patents, then there is a little known magazine that you need to check out.

patent ideasEach month this magazine is filled with literally hundreds of new patents. Thumbing through the last issue I came across interesting breakthroughs like:

  • A new aluminum solar collector with impressive efficiency
  • A new type of glass that changes volume
  • An aircraft flap that reduces noise
  • Magnetic sensors that work within conductive containers (which usually interfere with normal sensors)
  • And a flexible seal that works in the high pressure, high flux environments of aerospace vehicles

And tons of other new patents that only a technology geek would love! (By the way, before I was a patent attorney I was an engineer…so I love this stuff.)

There is even a section in this magazine which could help you find a buyer for your invention before you work on it!

So what is this resource that everyone who is interested in cutting edge technology should read?

The magazine I’m talking about is…


(By the way, if you ever visit Florida, you should visit Kennedy Space Center – the home of NASA. It’s simply awe inspiring to stand next to the massive Saturn V rocket that powered man’s first step on the moon).

It comes out once every month and it highlights all of the new patents from NASA and its subcontractors. In it you’ll find:

  • Electronics and Computer Patents which spotlights design innovations in electronic components, semiconductors and integrated circuits (ICs), board-level electronics, power electronics, and computer hardware.
  • Mechanics and Machinery Patents focusing on new engineering materials, coatings, and materials processing techniques, related primarily to ceramics, composites, plastics, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Information Sciences Patents highlighting new computer software architectures, algorithms, mathematical models, and simulation and analysis tools.
  • Materials Patents reveals new engineering materials, coatings, and materials processing techniques, related primarily to ceramics, composites, plastics, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Software Patents and the new programs engineers can use in analyzing, modeling, designing, prototyping, and testing products.
  • Manufacturing and Prototyping Patents shows the advances in manufacturing and fabrication processes, rapid prototyping, and digital prototyping.
  • Green Design Briefs Patents featuring engineering innovations for a sustainable future.
  • Physical Sciences Patents spans the fields of earth science, chemistry, and physics, focusing on advances in sensing, test, and measurement.
  • Bio-Medical Patents sticks to bio-medical technologies and product design ideas.
  • Test and Measurement Patents previews new test instruments for use by engineers in aerospace, communications, electronics, automotive, and other applications.

There are also other features you can access on their website like webcasts that discuss breaking patent news…videos with in-depth explanations of how new patents work…and tech exchange that link inventors and businessman for mutual profit.

The best news is subscriptions are absolutely free. If you would like more information on this magazine visit NASA Tech Briefs.

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