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Shortcuts for Patent Searches

Before you waste lots of time tinkering on your new invention (or spend thousands on a patent application), you might want to invest a little time researching if someone else has already received a patent on your idea. Why? First, you can’t get a patent if someone else already has one. And second, you can’t monetize it (why bother inventing something you can’t patent and get paid for?) The easiest way to discover if there is a patent on your idea is to hire a patent attorney. This will run you at least $1,500 for a reputable patent attorney (much less and it’s probably a scam). However, you don’t have to rush to have a patent attorney do the search right away if you’re more of a "do-it-yourselfer". Here are a few tips that will save you time and money if you elect to research prior patents on your own. Typ

Impossible to Patent: How to Spot a Time and Money Wasting Idea

As a registered patent attorney in Coral Springs (in South Florida), I’ve helped many inventors turn ideas into fortunes. Their years of investing – both time and money – finally pay off big time. However, for each successful inventor that is making money from their ideas, there are dozens of examples of people who have worked hard and have nothing to show for it. What separates the winners from those who toil in obscurity? Bad ideas. More specifically, ideas and inventions that are ineligible for patent protection.   I don’t want you to waste time and money on an idea you can’t profit from, so let’s take a closer look at the initial criteria required for a patent. How to Pass the Patent Gatekeeper Just because you fall in love with an idea doesn’t mean it will m

Patent Revocation: A Significant Risk?

It is vitally important not to publicly disclose your idea--and in fact not to disclose it except under absolute necessity--before filing for a patent. The USPTO can, and certainly will, reject a patent application for an idea already in the public eye.

Patent Application filed by Apple for “Chameleonic” Keyboard

Apple is one of the most innovative companies around in this day and age. I find it impressive that in a field that literally changes by the hour, they continue to spearhead inventive, consumer-driven thinking.