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Patent Application filed by Apple for “Chameleonic” Keyboard

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patent application Mac keyboardFind it difficult to remember which codes or keys are used for special keyboard characters; for instance ®, ™, or ?? MacDailyNews reports that Apple hopes to change that with a keyboard they’ve just invented that has been likened to a chameleon. Depending on what your needs are, Apple’s "dynamically controlled keyboard" features specific keys that can change symbols to reflect the one a user is actually trying to press.


Changes occur via the integrated workings of the particular software being used, "organic light emitting diodes" (OLEDs) on the keys, and "application specific integrated circuits" (ASICs). A review of the full patent application and the independent and dependent claims they’ve included is available on the USPTOs website and by clicking here.


Apple is one of the most innovative companies around in this day and age. I find it impressive that in a field that literally changes by the hour, they continue to spearhead inventive, consumer-driven thinking. Considering their keyboard in a more broad perspective, you can see that a couple of the consumer insights driving an invention of this sort are: 1.) The need for speed in a time-strained world with consumers consistently seeking to get more done faster (and faster all the time); and 2.) The high value placed on personalized response: it’s not what "most people" want but what "I want" that counts (and which gets results faster).


Other companies and inventors recognize these consumer trends and are acknowledging them with innovations of their own. Are you among them? If not, maybe you could be. I’d love to hear about and help you patent your own insightful invention.

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