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How Do I Protect My Idea Outside Florida and the United States?

If you are an inventor interested in protecting your idea outside the United States or mitigating foreign imports from China that impact your market share & profit margins, then my number 1 suggestion is to ask yourself this question:   How ambitious are your commercial expansion goals outside the United States? Once you pose this question, it helps formulate a strategy for foreign filings, since you could choose to target ONE country or multiple nations in the initial application.  This of course causes some anxiety for inventors since it can be an overwhelming thought. However, there is a simple way to approach this dilemma:  I suggest filing the initial patent in the United States since this automatically protects you from foreign imports, including those from China.     The inventor then has a full 12 m

India a Recognized Force in Foreign Patent Protection

India was just recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as an International Searching Authority and an International Preliminary Examining Authority. This is an honor held by only 15 nations worldwide and is a significant bolster to India's intellectual property program, particularly since they are the only English speaking nation in the region of Asia.