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India a Recognized Force in Foreign Patent Protection

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foreign patent WIPO logoFrom Naples, Florida to Nepal (India), how far do you want your patent protection to go? Depending on whether you determine your invention to be viable on a global scale or specifically useful to a niche market overseas, you may be considering foreign patent protection. Recent news from the government of India (Press Information Bureau, December 18, 2007) gives you some insight into the world of intellectual property outside Florida and the United States.


India was just recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as an International Searching Authority and an International Preliminary Examining Authority. This is an honor held by only 15 nations worldwide and is a significant bolster to India’s intellectual property program, particularly since they are the only English speaking nation in the region of Asia.


Excited to be honored by the WIPO, India hopes to garner additional revenues, which they plan to use to bolster their international presence in intellectual property. Specifically, they are in the process of building a National Institute of Intellectual Property Management to operate as an intellectual property "think tank" adhering to "global standards." One of their current initiatives is to digitize all of their records, which will facilitate patent development and application processing from remote locations.


If you’re wondering whether your invention might be appropriate for foreign patent protection, let me know– (866) 433-2288 or JohnRizvi@IdeaAttorneys.com. I’m happy to offer my opinion as a specialist in foreign and domestic patent and other intellectual property law matters.

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