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Video Game Patenting By Sony Cripples The “Used Game” Market In PS3

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13b video gamesVideo game patents by Sony iare aimed to prevent PlayStation 3 from running unlicensed software. As posted in an article in www.1up.com, the patent invention would help register one’s copy of Genji 2 upon insertion into the PS3 and would disallow the playing of other copies of the game. This in turn, creates a one disc to one console relationship and cripples the “used game market,” which according to the LA Times is important for the game industry. 

Used video game sales have become a rising source of irritation for the publishers, but none went on to make any comments for proving their disapproval. However, used game sales have become a profitable experience for the retailers.

Analysts P.J. McNealy and Michael Pachter have taken the responsibility of exploring this Sony model and have been consulted by a Los Angeles Times piece. According to the estimation of McNealy, game fans are involved in spending about $990 million for buying used games, chiefly through eBay or from GameStop. Maximum amount of the expenditure made is used by PlayStation 2 games.

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