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In a press release from PRNewswire, a Federal Appeals Court affirmed LAMPS PLUS’ jury verdict, finding that Patrick S. Dolan of Portland Oregon, and Craftmade International, Inc. of Dallas, Texas, and their joint venture Design Trends LLC had infringed on LAMPS PLUS’ patents.


In the original trial, a Dallas jury unanimously found Dolan and Craftmade liable for willful patent infringment in November of 2003, in connection with their sale of “tree torchiere” products. LAMPS PLUS’ patents protect products with “three-in-one torchieres” of “tree torchieres.”


The current Federal Appeals Court ruling also reaffirms the validity of two of LAMPS PLUS’patents covering tree torchieres, and represents the secnt time that LAMPS PLUS has successfully prevailed in willful infrigement litigation against competitors. In the past, LAMPS PLUS has prevailed over Catalina Lighting in Florida, as well as Home Depot.


Patent Infringement is a serious matter that is best handled by a patent attorney. I would suggest you contact a lawyer that specializes in matters such as these if you feel your rights are being infringed upon.

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