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Trademarks as Valuable Assets

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Trademarks are valuable assets of a business and continuously increase in value as the products or services they represent gain brand recognition and consumer loyalty. Over 90% of the market capitalization of Yahoo! is based on its brand equity. Other companies, including BMW, Nike, Apple and Ikea, have brand equity valuations exceeding 70% of the company’s total market value.

Not surprisingly, the trademark rights to Coca-Cola have been valued at over 80 billion dollars. By obtaining adequate trademark protection on their brand identities, these companies have been able to prevent others from using their identifying trademarks without permission.Trademark rights can provide an owner with the power to prevent others from adopting the exact trademark, as well as “confusingly similar” trademarks.

You would be wise to consult with a Florida trademark attorney first, before undertaking any trademark matters.

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