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The Miami Herald has reported that apparel maker Sweet Peas Ltd. has settled its lawsuit with 52 defendants, who had named themeselves the “sour peas.” Sweet Pea had sued the defendants earlier this year for ingringing upon its trademark, Sweet Pea, in relation to the sale of clothing articles.


Under the settlement agreement, the defendants will not utilize the term “sweet pea” on clothing and Sweet Pea will dismiss the charges without any financial renumeration occurring between the parties. Defendants that did reach cash settlements before the case settled will have their monies returned.


Sweet Pea owner and vice president Stacy Frati was quoted as saying “This was not about the money. Our company did not collect a dime on this. This was about protecting a name and a brand.”


Trademark infringement is a serious and complex issue. I recommend you consult with a trademark lawyer to protect your intellectual property rights.

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