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Trademark Lawsuit Goes “Bongos”

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Canada.com reports that latin singer Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio are trying to prevent a Florida club owner from utilizing the word “bongos,” even though the Estefan’s previously argued that the word cannot be trademark protected.

The Estefans have tried forcing West Palm Beach bar owner, Christopher Marrero, to change the name of his har, Cocobongos. The Estefan’s position is that this name is too similar to the name of their own business, “Bongo’s Cuban Cafe,” in Miami and Orlando.

Gloria and Emilio also plan on pursuing legal action against other U.S. businesses using similar names.

Marrero’s lawyer has pointed out to the federal court that the Estefans successfully defended themselves in 1998 against a lawsuit from Bongos Jeans, by arguing that the word “bongos” cannot be trademarked.

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