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As reported in an article in the Miami Herald, Miami-based Sweet Pea Ltd. is suing 52 retailers for $16 million each for infringing on its “Sweet pea” trademark.


Sweet Pea Ltd. alleges that the retailers infringed on its mark by using it in connection with women’s wear, which is covered within Sweet Pea’s rights to utilize the name on a wide variety of clothing.


A group of defendants has christened itself “The Sour Peas,” and is fighting Sweet Peas’ claims by countering they were singled out because they are small and do not have the resources for a lengthy and costly litigation. They also point out that Sweet Pea initiated litigation without first sending a cease & desist letter.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding trademark infringement, it would be in your best interest to contact a trademark attorney to assist you with these matters and make sure you are afforded the proper legal representation.

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