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Trademark Infringement Lawsuit involving Real Estate Brokerage

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According to a press release on Yahoo, Home & Land Affiliates, LLC reached a favorable settlement in a lawsuit for trademark infringement brought against a real estate brokerage and its principals, having multiple Florida offices. A United States District Judge signed a permanent injunction which was part of the settlement.

According to the Court’s Order, the marks HOMES & LAND and HOMESANDLAND.COM belonging to Homes & Land are enforceable and valid. The Defendants will be required to change their names an every aspect of their businesses and may not associate their buisness with the words “Homes” and “Land” together or in any similar variation.

These trademarks owned by Home & Land are directed to real esate listing magazines, and are also used for dissemination over the internet of advertising for real estate agencies, real estate agency services, apartment rental services, relocation services, moving services, and for providing other business services and information for businesses and vendors.

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