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Top 5 Patents from TIME’s 50 Best Inventions of the Year

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The November 22 issue of TIME magazine contained an article any future patent holder would love. The 50 Best Inventions of the Year showcased everything from flying cars to mosquito killing lasers. While there is not enough space here to describe all 50, here’s a look at my top 5 picks from the TIME Top 50.

Patent #5: Around The World In An Hour

waverider patentIn an effort to fight isolated conflicts, the U.S. Prompt Global Strike initiative developed the X-51A WaveRider to attack any spot around the globe within an hour. The hypersonic missile can travel 600 miles in just 10 minutes! The most interesting feature is the missiles nose, which is designed to take advantage of the train of sonic waves it creates by making them break at the optimal angle. Take that Al-Qaeda!

Patent #4: I Compute BS

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has developed software that can detect sarcasm. The new software is designed to spot sarcastic sentences in product reviews. How well does it work? A test involving 66,000 Amazon reviews found the software worked 77% of the time in detecting sarcastic posts. I guess there’s no use in writing a snide comment on a blog ever again.

Patent #3: Iphone Credit Card Jack

square patent1If you have an iphone you now have the ability to accept credit cards. Square – a payment platform developed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey – is a tiny magnetic card reader that attaches to a smart phone. Sign on the screen and Square sends a copy straight to e-mail. Finally, no more excuses when your buddy owes you a fiver.

Patent #2: Beef: It’s what Trains Run On

The Amtrak train the "Heartland Flyer" runs on 20% biodiesel made from rendered cattle fat. The biodiesel reduces air pollution because it runs cleaner than carbon-heavy diesel fuel and regular plant biodiesel. Do we change the term horsepower to ‘cowpower’ now?

 Patent #1: The Lifeguard Robot

emily patentDefinitely stealing the #1 spot for the "smack your head I should have thought of that" patent of the year goes to EMILY, or the Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard. This remote control buoy is powered by a tiny electric pump and is capable of speeds of up to 24 mph to save drowning victims. Let’s hope it doesn’t completely replace those bikini clad lifeguards.

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