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The Benefits of Federal Registration with the United States Patent & Trademark Office

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Your corporate name, along with the brand identity established by your products or services, could become your most valuable asset. A strong brand identity can help prevent your company, product, or service from becoming a commoditized item, helping to insulate your company from the effects of price competition. Typically, trademarks tend to continuously increase in value as the products or services they represent gain brand recognition and consumer loyalty.

The owner of a trademark that has been Federally registered with the United States Patent & Tradmark Office is presumed to be the exclusive owner of the trademark for the goods and services specified in the registration, and is generally entitled to exclusive nationwide use. Additionally, trademark owners have the right to request U.S. Customs Officials to seize imported goods bearing an infringing trademark.

Once your trademark is Federally registered, you are legally entitled to use the registration symbol “(R)”, thereby providing constructive notice of your rights and deterring would-be infringers from adopting the trademark. Furthermore, Federal registration can also entitle a registrant to enhanced monetary damages and other remedies in a Court of Law.

You would be wise to consult with a Florida trademark lawyer first, before undertaking any trademark matters.

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