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Will This Amazing Underwater Hotel Actually Happen in Florida?

In the near future, could we be staying in a deep-sea hotel leagues below the surface? The developers behind Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel certainly hope so. The Florida-based project aims to become the first “self-contained affordable mini-luxury underwater hotel” in the world. Underwater hotels are nothing new. In Key Largo, Florida, a converted underwater research facility 21 feet below the water’s surface, the Jules Undersea Lodge, offers a unique ecotourism opportunity. The Hydropolis in Dubai is currently under construction and is an estimated $550 million luxury resort situated 66 feet below the surface. The difference between these projects and the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is affordability and feasible architectural design. The concept behind the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is that prefabricated

Problems to Products to Profits

I am NOT alone. It always amazes me how many people share my same problems (and are on the constant lookout for solutions – i.e. new products – for those problems). The other day a friend sent me a picture (below) of a bunch of “electricity splitters” plugged into each other…with one power outlet running a dozen or so devices. I looked at that picture and image the inventor of the power strip, getting frustrated at his growing number of devices/limited power sources. And finally inventing a solution that you can find in every office and home around the world. Yes – necessity is the mother of invention. With that in mind I browsed the internet for more “unorthodox” inventions. Now, it’s easy to laugh at these pictures, and you should. But remember…these people are CRYING for solutions to

Copyright vs. Patent Protection for Inventors

Inventors, did you know some of your work is automatically protected upon creation? And that other work requires specific documentation to make sure nobody steals your intellectual property? This commonly overlooked yet major detail is the difference between copyright and patent law.  As a Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney, I am often asked by inventors to explain the differences between the two avenues of protection.   Understanding the subtle differences is the key to making sure only you profit from your hard work. Here are the details… Copyright Law A Copyright is a set of  exclusive rights granted to the creator of an original work (generally written, artistic, or intellectually produced material) including the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work. Examples of copyright material

Florida Patent Attorney Sees More Evidence that Green is Good!

According to CNN's Technology section (Diane Hawkins-Cox, March 10, 2008), Hayden Hamilton is getting started with his GreenPrint software, which is designed to end "wasteful printing worldwide," offering consumers and businesses ways to reduce paper waste worldwide and right here in Florida. Patent attorneys, too, can trim down the volumes of patent related printed materials. Here's how it works.