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How Trademark Infringement Can Shut Down Your Business

A trademark battle is being waged in federal court right now involving the National Football League (NFL), NFL Properties (NFLP), the New Orleans Saints, Liquid Ventures Inc., Logo Express Marketing Inc., Monogram Express, Storyville Apparel, and Fleurty Girl. And the center of this suit is a Who Dat? Inc. They claim that all of these companies infringed against their trademark of the Who Dat? phrase. Meanwhile the Saints claim it has owned the "Who Dat" trademark since 1988. Full story here – Who Dat trademark case While there are many lessons you could learn about protecting your intellectual property from this case, there is one very important one that may help you from being put out of business (or aid you in shutting down a company that is unlawfully stealing your ideas). Trademarks Protect Your Company Na

Are you Screwed If Someone Patents Your Invention Before You Do?

On a hot South Florida summer night, two years ago, two inventors worked busily in their garages refining their inventions. They were very much alike, these two inventors. Both were hard-working. Both had great ideas that could benefit mankind. And both stood to profit wildly from their inventions. Recently, these two men visited a Fort Lauderdale Patent Attorney to file a patent and protect their ideas. They were still very much alike. Both had invested their life-savings in their idea. Both had perfected their designs. And both had a finished product that would sell like hotcakes on the open market. But there was a problem. For both men, patents for products just like theirs had already been applied for. While one inventor had to walk away, the other inventor took specific steps that allowed him to win the patent, e