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Will Video Game Patent Holder Score $2 Billion?

Playing games pays big, at least it could for the patent holders of Grand Theft Auto�, according to an article in February 26th's online edition of The New York Times, in the Technology section.

Florida Patent Expo: Calling All Inventors!

Inventors in the South Florida area are invited to showcase their inventions at the upcoming "Latest Inventions Under the Moon Expo" at the Broward County Library.

Patent Opportunity in Food-Based Plastics?

The next time you sit down to a full plate of potatoes or a few too many cobs of corn, you may want to save your leftovers. You never know what you might be able to do with them. Make a radio, DVD player, maybe even a cell phone cover. Patent opportunity or a pot full of nonsense?

A Fond Farewell to Florida Patent Holder Dr. Robert Cade

Dr. Robert Cade, inventor of Gatorade, died on Tuesday at the age of 80, but the powerhouse he built in Gatorade will live on.

Florida and National Patent Rules Have Changed

As of 01 November 2007, new rules are set to govern Florida patent applications, as well as applications from all U.S. states. Specifically, the USPTO calls for no more than two continuation applications plus one request for continued examination (RCE). Previously there were no limits. On the one hand, this limits inventors’ ability to argue its case with a U.S. patent examiner. On the other hand, such limitations mean applications have a foreseeable ending. This gives the inventor a patent faster if the application is approved or more quickly opens the door to other applicants if it is rejected.   An additional change is that patent applications can have no more than 25 claims, with only five allowable as independent claims. If more than 25 claims are presented, applicants must file and examination support document (ESD).