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Late Night Comedian and Satirist Takes a Swing at Patent Trolls

Startups and entrepreneurs both chuckled and nodded gravely when John Oliver used his comedic hour on “Last Week Tonight” to satirize Intellectual Property and the growing threat of Patent Trolls, warning that “arriving on the set of Shark Tank without a patent is like turning up to America’s Next Top Model without knowing how to smize or booty tooch!” However, he reserved the bulk of his biting humor for  the one issue that keeps Inventors up at night: Patent Trolls. These unsavory characters, said Oliver, typically don’t invent anything or sell anything of value. They simply exist to buy patents and make their money threatening lawsuits in what many call the ultimate “shakedown.” “Calling them trolls is a little misleading:  At least trolls actually do something: They control bridge access fo

Patent Wars: The Fight Over Phone Patents

Recently Newsweek created a fascinating visual detailing the ongoing patent wars between rival smart phone giants. It seems that patent infringement cases are the norm for this cutting edge technology. For example, Motorola is being sued for patent infringement seven times, by five different companies. And has patent litigation against three companies (all of which are also suing Motorola). Plus, as phone smart phone usage has skyrocketed over the past few years so has patent litigation. Up from 26 patent infringement cases in 2004 to 97 patent infringement cases in 2010…that’s a 546% increase! Click on the link for the whole Newsweek story – Patent Phone Fight. Patent litigation is painful and expensive. For details on how to get maximum protection for your idea, click here to request your free inventor patent information