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Samsung Patents Interchangeable Cell Phone Keypad

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FloridaPatentAttorneyRecently, I posted a blog about Apple’s patent pending idea to sell a keyboard with dynamically shifting keys. (A number of keys on the keyboard have the ability to change according to the user’s needs.) They’re not the only ones who want to patent ideas to make things more fluid for users.


Samsung has filed a patent application for a cell phone with interchangeable keypads(HT Lounge, January 28, 2008). There is one keypad for regular phone dialing, and one with a QWERTY keyboard for text messaging and other word processing functions. The patent includes a gaming pad, music controls, etc.


As a Florida Patent Attorney, I’ve seen a lot of ideas–in this category and more. I think the concept of a cell phone keypad that changes to suit what the user is doing at the moment is great. I know how fast some of us can text message on a regular cell phone keypad; however, it is a lot more convenient to type on a QWERTY keyboard.


That said, Samsung’s patent is for physical keypads you have to change manually, and, well, I think you’re just trading convenience. Is it more or less convenient to text on a cell phone than to have to physically change the keypad. And, I don’t know who would have the inclination to take the time to do it, or even the storage space to tote all those keypads around.


Anyone else want to weigh in here? (Florida Patent Attorneys included.) I’m curious.

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