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Review of Patent Attorney M. Henry Heines New Book Entitled “Patents for Business”

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Patentsforbusiness4I was waiting to return to sunny Florida from a short two day visit to the patent office last week and, instead, I ended up stranded at Washington’s Reagan airport for over eight hours.

According to news reports of the massive snow and ice storm in the Northeast, I was not the only one.  Luckily I had brought a copy of a new book, "Patents for Business" by patent attorney Henry Heines and had time to complete it during the wait.

Although not written for patent attorneys, per se, a couple of the chapters still make for good reading for in-house intellectual property lawyers looking for practical advice on patent due diligence and strategy.For patent attorneys, I advise skipping the early basic chapters on patent subject matter, novelty, and determining patentability and jumping right to patent portfolio referencing and other more advanced topics focusing on strategy.

Peter Zura does an excellent review of "Patents for Business" on his 271 Patent Blog and if  you are not a patent lawyer, you may want to read his review .  In fact, his blog makes for excellent reading and is a "must read" for anyone seriously interested in patent news and analysis.

Interestingly enough, the domain name PatentsforBusiness.com, does not direct you to a website for the book but instead takes you to a company website that claims to be "dedicated to the development of patent portfolios aimed at meeting the objectives, needs and requirements of your business".

I am not sure if there is any connection between the author and this website but if there is not…this underscores the importance of investigating potential conflicts with domain name registrations prior to any branding strategies whether that branding strategy be a new business name, product identity, or (as in this case) the title for a new book.

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