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Patents for Environment Friendly People-Mover Buses

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Village Technology SMRrTRAMThe "green patenting movement" has taken up a new dimension with the patenting of environment friendly battery-electric tram-buses from SMRrTRAM. According to an article in www.send2press.com Village Technology – an urban-solutions think-tank in Annapolis, Maryland registered a patent for its SMRrTRAM People-Mover design. It uses a unique know-how, which is capable of shaping affordable zero-emission electric buses into high-convenience people-movers for engorged urban corridors.

The SMRrTRAM design synchronizes the movements of electric tram-buses in opposite directions in a narrow, single, consecrated guidelane. Due to this synchronization, a pedestrian gets the opportunity to board a tram-bus moving along the route in either direction every 150 seconds from each stop. The new design is expected to hike the passenger carrying capacities up to 5000 people per hour. Most importantly the single SMRrTRAM guidelane can be inserted, on-grade, into virtually any existing streetscape without eliminating traffic lanes, which is advantageous for cities and traffic planners.

"We believe SMRrTRAM offers a breakthrough opportunity for congested urban business and shopping corridors," feels John Alt founder and president, Village Technology.

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