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Patenting Lifestyle Innovations Drives Maclaren’s Success

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9i maclaren babyThere’s a tremendous business opportunity in baby strollers, with contemporary moms always on the lookout for the next best in stylish, convenient innovation. According to an article at www.babyuniverse.com, the Maclaren Baby Buggy has been touted as one the top one-hundred clever inventions in the book Century Makers, which highlights patented inventions that have dramatically changed the lives of consumers over the last century.


This invention owes its genesis to Owen Maclaren who designed and patented his prototype Baby Buggy in 1965. Maclaren developed the structure using modern lightweight materials such as tubular aluminum, which could even bear the weight of a fairly bulky child and then fold compactly. The merit of his new design was its lightness, weighing approximately 6 lb (3kg). In addition, the three dimensional folding mechanism was a convenience feature, making it simple and easy to tote.


Maclaren’s Company has expanded substantially, introducing a range of innovative patented products since the first Baby Buggy was launched. Their specialty is lifestyle-focused innovation, an overall trend that continues to lead innovation in a wide range of categories.

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