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Patenting Energy Products – Applied Scientific Research’s New Energy Recovery System

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4c.Energy Saving SystemPatenting energy products like Wasted Thermal Energy Recovery Systems introduced by Applied Scientific Research Inc. opens a new avenue for an energy saving system. According to an article in www.send2press.com this new system is exclusively designed to save tremendous energy and reduce expenditure

The Wasted Thermal Energy Recovery System recovers all the heat that escapes from  boiler shell,  un-insulated steam pipes the stack pipe, hot water heaters and other equipment in the boiler room, with the help of an heat exchanger (heat absorber), which has cold water running through it. The ceiling heat produced from the system supplies the three therms / hour needed to raise the inlet water temperature about 30-degrees F, which is directed into the water inlet, and supplied to the boiler.

The technology is expected to benefit hospitals, buildings, factories, schools and universities. The Wasted Thermal Energy Recovery System is a more practical investment and also more economical. To make the system fully beneficial Applied Scientific Research Inc. has decided to make it available for licensing.

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