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Patented Mommy Bib Keeps PARENTS Dry

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9a mommy bibThe infant product category has seen a surge in patenting, as companies and inventors respond to the endless needs of babies and their parents. One example is the patented Mommy Bib, recently retooled and relaunched by Mommy Bib, Inc., which is a wearable burp cloth to keep parents’ clothes free of inevitable accumulations of spit up and drool. Send2Press.com reports that Mommy Bib has received a patent for the invention, though you wonder how many of us may just as well come up with it ourselves.


Easy to wash and wear and affordable, the Mommy Bib’s distinguishing feature is a surface upon which teething babies can safely chew. A comfortable terry cloth lining absorbs wetness, while a nylon covering underneath secures dryness.

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