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Patented Invention Cures Florida Girl’s Hiccup Spree

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HiccupA 15 year old girl Florida girl, Jennifer Mee, told the Today Show that a patented invention by individual inventor Phil Ehlinger helped cure her marathon 5 week hiccup spree according to an article on PhillyBurbs.com.   See the appearance on ABC News by the inventor as he describes his patented device. 

The inventor’s wife flew to Florida and hand-delivered the device, which is covered by a U.S. patent, to jennifer Mee and instructed her on how to use the device. 

Complete media coverage of the product can be found on the website created by the inventor for his company, The Hic-Cup Ltd, and includes national media.  Coverage of the patented device has also been extensive in Florida based local media including CBS Chanel 4 (Miami / Ft. Lauderdale), Fox News Channel 29, and other South Florida stations.

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