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Patented Energy Generators To Offer Clean And Ecological Energy

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eolic generatorsThe groundbreaking invention of Eolic Marine Electrical Generator “GEEM” has been granted United States Patent No. 20030201645. According to an article in freepatentsonline.com, the generator captures the huge impulse force of water and wind in generating mechanical energy and re-transforms the mechanical energy into clean and ecological electrical energy that does not require the consumption of vital oxygen.

The immense split, self-regulating panels are radially fixed to a rotary central shaft in a dihedral angle. With this arrangement, it captures by shock the inexhaustible energy of the waves, the ocean currents or the wind. The panels can also be fixed on flying or rotary machines of high speed that has panels formed by oscillating vanes at a certain time of a turn of 360 degrees.

The invention would permit the renewal of resources as well as help obtain electrical energy from any part of the planet such as from forests, cities, deserts, countryside, seas, and mountains.

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