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Patent Reform Bill To Impede Independent Inventors

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An important Patent Reform Bill (S.1145) is under consideration in the Senate, and it carries with it serious implications for independent entrepreneurs and small businesses. Topping my list of concerns: 22171016

  • Those in the patent pending stage would be required to publish their patent applications, which could reveal trade secrets to others in various stages with their own applications.
  • The bill calls for a reduction of damages against infringers, which makes infringement more alluring to the ethically challenged.
  • It requires all applicants to submit a search and patentability analysis, which significantly increases costs.

In an article at IBLS.com, fellow Attorney Gerry Elman of Elman Technology Law, P.C. reports that there is a very good chance the bill will not pass. However, for the sake of all entrepreneurial inventors and small businesses, a call to your senators would further ensure the bill’s rejection.

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