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As reported in an article in Wireless Week, a second patent infrigement lawsuit in less than thirty days has been filed by Speedus Corporation, aimed at Alltel for alleged infringement on two of its wireless patents.


Both of the lawsuits filed by Speedus against Alltel were filed in a Florida court, and they involved alleged infringement on Speedus’ “Low Power Multi-Function Cellular Television System” patent, as well as the “Transmission of Digital and Analog Signals in the Same Band” patent. Both of these technologies involve the transmission of television to wireless users over cellular networks, as well as the simultaneous transmission of analog and digital signals using the same bandwidth.


Speedus’ suit is requiring that Alltel cease and desist “from these infringements in their network services,” while Alltel issued a statement saying they were still reviewing the suits and did not believe they had infringed.

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