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Patent Increases Marketplace Opportunities in Online Gaming

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13d gamePanthesis, Inc. confirms obtaining a patent to permit game publishers to provide gaming facilities to tens of thousands of participants and spectators in the virtual arena. This leading firm in peer-to-peer networking is bringing Online Event Arenas into the multiplayer online game market. According to an article at send2press.com , this all-new technology is based on the various patents of the firm for Small-World Wide Area Networks (SWAN).  The new technology also allows the game providers and publishers to improve the performance of the online games without enhancing the costs of infrastructure.

Online Event Arenas enable the creation of online arena environments that reflect real-world arenas. The technology provides game providers the option of creating environments that include the player, spectators, advertisers, and sponsors. According to David Cole, President of DFC Intelligence, the popularity of the online multi-player games is growing everyday, leading to trends of adding new kinds of revenue generating participants (spectators to the games) and reducing the comparatively high costs of providing and developing online multi-player games.

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