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Patent For Roof Protection Product Recently Approved

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hurricaneA patent for a roof protection product from TriCord Hurricane Products has been approved. The product developed by TriCord can be placed over homeowner’s roof before the storm and can be removed after the storm. A simple and inexpensive product TriCord is anticipated to be workable on any home. The hurricane product has been tested at Florida International University’s “Wall of Wind” and Clemson University’s Wind Research Laboratory. According to an article in www.hurricanesafetysystems.com the product has been found to endure Category 3 winds (125mph) and is expected to resist winds of higher velocity.

TriCord completed its product development and testing phase for hurricane safety system on October 19, 2006. The system is delicately designed with the help of tubular plastic modules. The modules are filled with water and placed on a roof to protect it from the high wind forces. Further, during the hurricanes, public water sources are usually contaminated – the product offers a source of drinkable water and a shower system for the owners in such crisis.

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