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Microsoft Resolves Patent Infringement Case Against Eolas and the University of California

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12k eolasA long-standing patent infringement matter between Microsoft and opponents Eolas and the University of California was settled on August 31, 2007. Eolas launched a claim against Microsoft’s Internet browser Internet Explorer which is said to have violated a patent it held. The dispute revolved around embedding of items within a web page. Microsoft has modified the element in its browser and agreed to make an undisclosed payment to Eolas as cited in an article in www.theregister.co.uk

The patent involved is partly held by University of California, which is expected to receive a part of Microsoft’s payout. Eolas has mentioned its shareholders that it anticipates a payout worth $60 to $72 per share for them. However, in a letter to its shareholders Mark Swords, Chief Operating Officer of Eolas unveils ”The litigation with Microsoft has taken a great deal of management time and effort and significant financial resources." Further, Mark announced, "we are very pleased that we now can focus our resources on commercializing our existing intellectual property portfolio and developing new fundamental technologies."

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