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Marine Equipment Patenting of Super Sting R8 Marine Innovates Marine Logging System

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10a SuperStingR8A number of marine industry patents have been in the news lately.  Among those is the marine equipment patent issued for the SuperSting R8 Marine of the AGI group.  This is an innovative Marine Logging System.  As per the recent news report of  www.idswater.com, the new system consisting the Marine Log Manager software, the SuperSting Marine and an electrode towing cable, makes it all the more convenient for formatting data. It also   helps in maneuvering the boat track and arranging the data for the inversion software.

While the SuperSting Marine serves to record and store the required data, the Marine Log Manager software does the most significant job of editing and formatting the recorded data. It is also made to engineer the boat track and the resistivity data on the image of an imported map. Also, unlike the regular metal electrodes, its anti-corrosive graphite electrode and the water block prevent the water from infiltrating into the electrode cable and damaging it.

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